Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat

There is nothing like yoga to help you calm your inter voice, to let all the stress of a long work day met away as you turn yourself inside out. Now Gaiam is offering a way to achieve that inner zen with a little bit of tunes with there Audio Yoga Mat.
The Audio Yoga Mat is a new mat that has a speaker installed directly within the mat itself. All you have to do is plug in your MP3 player or your iPod device and let the music put you in the mood to stretch.  An added bonus to buying this mat is you can download a free instructional yoga program feature world-renowned yoga expert Rodney Yee as he takes you through an at-home private yoga session. That way you can keep up your yoga practice on the road or at home.
Currently the mat is only available in one colour and design, the colour is a green with a design of Koi fish.

Some features of the mat are :

  • Connects with your MP3 player or iPod for music any time
  • 24″W x 68″L x 4mm
  • Extra thick comfort (4mm)
  • latex-free
  • Does not contain six of the most harmful phthalates

The mat is available for purchase at and at Best Buy.
Source: ChipChick


A comfortable mat is very necessary for Yoga. That helps for nice body movement while practicing.
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This sounds really cool.