Latest “Undead Nightmare” trailer comes to life

If you’re like me and love Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption, you’ve likely been waiting for a release date for the “Undead Nightmare” DLC Pack, especially since it adds some more to the single-player story. We (and by “we,” I mean @stealthyslyth) have already found it to be quite enjoyable.

I have to admit I got my hopes up when I saw that the non-teaser trailer would be going up yesterday. I loaded it up, entered my birthdate, and watched, enthralled, just waiting for that release date reveal at the end.

And, of course, I was let down once again. It’s still coming “very soon.” But the trailer is a very good one. Especially if you like zombies. Enjoy it in its full glory below.

EDIT: Per IGN, the DLC is out October 26. Just in time for Halloween! There will also be a DLC disc for $29.99 that will have everything up to this point.

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