“Red Dead Redemption” adds outfits for free and an Undead Nightmare update

Hunting and Trading outfits for Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption were released for free today on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network.

The DLC adds two new outfits – the Expert Hunter (Seen right – you gotta love that hat) and Savvy Merchant – as well as the challenges required to don them. The game also adds one new animal, the Jackalope.

The download also includes a compatibility update that allows those without the “Liars and Cheats” and “Legends and Killers” DLC packs to see fellow players in multiplayer who are using characters from Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption single-player.

Just more (for free) from a game that keeps on giving. Soon, we’ll also know what date we’ll be meeting the undead, with an official “Undead Nightmare” trailer coming tomorrow. This time, 13 is a lucky day, I guess.