Review: I Am a Vampire

In celebration of Halloween coming, I thought I would talk about a new app that can make you sparkle like a Twilight Vampire. I Am a Vampire, is an app from gofothapps, that literally turns you into a vampire and then you can share that picture on your social networking sites.

To use the app, either take a picture or use a picture that is in a headshot style. The app can be used on one person or a group photo, but it’s best if the picture is straight on. Once the picture is selected, users can then select the eye color (from topaz, crimson or black) and then add fangs and sparkle.

To use the options, once you’ve selected the picture, you use your fingers on these circled areas to pinpoint where the eyes are and to add fangs. This function seems simple, but it actually was so ridiculously hard for me to use that I gave up and could not even add a picture of me using this app for this review. Adding sparkle adds it to such a wide area, I’m not even sure how you could just place it on a focused area.

Halloween is coming up and many of us would love to post pics of us as Vampires, but I have to recommend to save yourself a buck and skip this app. The controls are so poor, that you’ll only end up frustrated.

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