Review: Quantum Theory (PS3)

Rating: M Blood and Gore, Strong Language, Violence
Players: 1, 8 multiplayer
Genre: Shooter
Publisher: Tecmo KOEI
Developer: Team Tachyon
Release Date: September 28, 2010


In Quantum Theory The first thing that you’ll notice is that the environments resemble a throw up of pretty textures. They are all mashed together quite un-artfully. Hideous combinations of agate, opal and lava flows kaleidoscope around you. Rock caterpillars up – end the terrain and your lumbering male avatar can’t seem to get out of his own way. The tutorial prompts you to try the sprint button and it’s a joke.

The story line itself is put out there as a sci-fi, but I found that the out world theme wasn’t enough of an excuse for the treatment of the female icon in the game. You play as a male mutated ‘Gillskin’ called Syd. The female character named Filena is a ‘Nosferatu’. The names of these species aren’t very imaginative. She is used as a weapon. Syd takes a hold of her and tosses her at the enemies. She isn’t a playable character exactly. They don’t have much dialog together so the relationship is kind of a question mark. She is mainly an item.

Now I’m familiar with the woman – as – weapon concept from anime such as Claymore, Madlax, and Revolutionary Girl Utena to name a few. Quantum Theory lacks the mythology, or the reasoning for objectifying the only female character. In a single player experience of eight to ten hours, which is short for the price, there is plenty of time to get the player immersed in the alternate world.¬†From what you do see, you would get the impression that they began well, with some interesting ideas. Then the execution of them fails in just about every area of the game.

Other reviews have contrasted this game with Gears of War, which not incidentally has finally added playable female avatars. Quantum Theory would have to do 100X better to be in that league. Shooters are not a new invention. What makes games like Gears and Call of Duty Modern Warfare so good, isn’t gimmicks or innovation, it is the meticulous attention they have paid to every crevasse of their games. Quantum Theory is more like a skinned over arcade game. That would track more with the developers history and style.

The guns in the game are confusing. They are big gloppy looking science fiction pieces. There isn’t much difference in power or type of blast from each one. They all glitter, with lots of angles that must have looked good on the drawing board, but in the game, just seem clumsy when compared to more elegant si-fi weapons like those in Unreal Tournament.

There are several areas of this game where it feels like a lumpy cake. Yeah, when a baker messes up a cake they use lots of frosting to try and cover it. The shiny textures, the female weapon that isn’t a character, and the even shiner guns that don’t do much and have weird sounding names – all of it frosting. Making the game a more glaring mess.

Syd our mutant “hero’s” character design is indistinct the armor lacks details. Filena’s body / armor looks better on the wallpaper than it does in the actual game. She is always writhing and groaning in pain. It isn’t clear in the game if she is wearing armor, or if she is growing a shell of some kind? Regardless it isn’t hot looking, or plausible. It seems like the creativity here went in the wrong directions. ¬†There isn’t enough exposition or explanation given to make a connection with the characters or feel empathy towards them. Dare I invoke Final Fantasy? They really could have done a better job, no matter which direction they went in be it Shooter, Si – Fi Adventure, or Fantasy RPG. It would have been good if they picked and idea and stuck to it.

Quantum Theory does provide for online multiplayer. But it seems unpopulated. There are three very basic game modes which are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and a body guard type thing and there are only five maps.

Quantum Theory is a game to avoid. Unfortunately all the divergent elements of this game just didn’t mesh well enough to make it worth playing. If I were you I would Pass on this one.

Tested on PS3 with a rented copy.