Scrabble App for Amazon’s Kindle.

I adore Scrabble. I play it on Facebook, I play it on my iPod touch, and sometimes I get to play it in real life.  Now, you can play Scrabble in your kindle. The new Scrabble application is the first pay for application of its kind for the Kindle or for most e-readers.

The game itself uses the directional pad to move and then once you have your space you can then type out the word using the keypad. The application itself has also includes the ever useful two letter word dictionary, and short cuts to shuffle the letters, reorder, exchange and even to help find the best word. A few draw back to the game is that there is no online. In order for you to play a two player game you would actually have to find a living friend and hand the kindle back and forth.

This is a great move for EA since a number of readers are people who would enjoy word games such as Scrabble.  For you readers out there, would you be interested in this Scrabble App for the Kindle.

Electronic Arts’ Scrabble costs $4.99 and is available for purchase and download today.


That's really exciting. I didn't even know apps could be created for kindle !