Call of Duty: Black Ops possibly most popular Treyarch title

Call of Duty: Black Ops may be Treyarch’s most popular Call of Duty title. Already we are seeing stats that pre-orders were through the roof and people are definitely playing it on Xbox Live.

Call of Duty: Black Ops hit 1 million players on Xbox Live on November 9th. We’ll see sales numbers at the end of the month, but analysts like Pachter are claiming that Call of Duty: Black Ops may be the best selling game of 2010.

“Black Ops should be the best-selling game of 2010. Throughout the year, gamers have tended to forgo spending on marginally-rated games, preferring instead to play free multiplayer for top-rated games (85% or better) such as Modern Warfare 2. We expect Black Ops’ record-breaking pre-sales, strong early reviews, and immense marketing campaign to translate into solid and sustainable sales, unlike competitor Medal of Honor, which had sales that dropped off quickly due to lackluster reviews.”

Congrats to Treyarch!

Some info from: GameSpot

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Too bad all these peple are probably as disappointed in some aspects of the game as I am. The matchmaking is horrible. It has taken as long as 30 min to get our party into a game together. Half the time we give up and don't bother. We just play with whoever makes it through with us. I have heard several people say they are disappointed, thinking about turning it in and going back to MW2.

Hal (GT)
Hal (GT)

This is evidence to me that people turn to entertainment quite a bit during difficult economic times. Reminds me how people used to escape to the movies during the Great Depression era. I guess like gold, investing in some key game companies might be worthwhile.