Evil Controllers Release the Evil D-Pad

Ahh…it feels so good to be evil. There is always something so nice about heading to the Darkside of things. I mean, according to a number of shirts I have seen they all havecookies. ¬†Yet when it comes to video games, it sometimes pays off to have a little Evil on you side. What I am referring to is Evil Controllers newly released point to point D-Pad, which has be properly named, the Evil D-Pad.

The controller is what could be categorizes as a modded controller. This means the original structure of the console controller is the same, except the company has made a change in the design. In the case of the controller in question, the D-Pad of the Xbox 360’s controller, is what has been changed. Evil Controllers have swapped out the axis based d-pad, which many gamers have found to be very tedious, to the core element of the d-pad, four buttons. The bottom line, as a gamer, you will be rewards for your accuracy instead of mistaken hits or too sensenitive axis slips.

Currently there is a special going on over at Evilcontroller.com, The Evil D-Pad both wireless and wired are currently going for a special price. The Wireless is  priced at 74.99 while the wired is 54.99. The original price is 84.99 and 64.99 respectfully.