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keyboard sold separately

Price: $549-$879

First, let’s start with the big ticket item for this year’s guide: the Apple iPad. As many of you know, this wonderful piece of technology is great for any person that loves their technology.  This little “do-it-all” is great for travel with wifi or 3G connection, the business person that needs to stay informed with their apps, or even for a student to take notes or work on assignments on the move.  The great thing about the iPad is the fact that it can be used as an e-reader with the help of many applications and can also be used for playing games. The iPad comes in a number of gigabit sizes ranging from 16GB up to a 64GB. The price of the iPad is determined by gigabyte size as well as the connection function. The cheaper versions of the iPad only have wifi connectibility, while the more pricey models have both wifi and 3G.

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Able Planet Noise Cancelling Headphones
Price: $149.99

These headphones are a great gift idea for the music lover or gamer on your list. With noise cancelation technology, they can take people further into a different world than ordinary headphones. They are lightweight, cute, comfortable, and foldable for easy storage. They feature Linx Audio for great sound, in line volume control for ease of use, and come with adapters to make them usable with several different devices, as well as a soft carrying case and the necessary AAA battery. What’s more, this is a gift you can feel good about because 10% of the purchase price for these headphones goes to support breast cancer research.

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CM4 Catalyst Case - PAX 2010 Edition

Catalyst DSi Case from CM4
Price: $19.99

As a gadgets editor, it wouldn’t be a holiday guide if I didn’t recommend some form of gadget protection. This year I’m recommending the Catalyst DSI case from CM4. This sleek and sexy case is a very classy way to protect a gaming machine that provides endless hours of entertainment. The case itself, is an Aluminum frame tightly wrapped in soft-touch fabric gives many of us older gamers an option for protection other then those in your face Nintendo characters in bright flashy colours. As well, the DSi can be played while it is in the case which gives the player extra grip.

Available from from CM4
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The Flip UltraHD

Flip HD Camcorder
Price: $149.99-$249.00

I believe that every family should have a camcorder, I honestly do. I think it’s important to capture those special moments within a persons life: first steps, first throw or even first temper tamtrom. You can keep it all on film. The Flip HD camcorder is a wonderful addition to any family or to give to a friend who is always putting up videos. The camcorder itself comes in three main types; SlideHD, MinoHD and the UltraHD, with the UltraHD and the MinoHD available in 4GD and  8GB while the SlideHD is only available in 16GB.  These camcorders are easy to use and make uploading videos a breeze with the build in USB  connector. No longer will you be searching for those messy cords. What makes the SlideHD different then the MinoHD and the UltraHD is that the SlideHD can slide out to reveal a larger screen were you can watch back your movie.

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Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect
Price: $149.99

In terms of game gadgets for this season, the Kinect will be the hot item for your Xbox 360. The whole concept of Kinect is that you are the controller, no stick to waggle or balance board to stand on. As you move and play, the image upon the screen will do the movements that you are performing. The way that Microsoft is promoting Kinect is that it is full body gaming, where facial, voice and skeletal recognition will provide gamers within an involving experience. There will be 15 games available specifically for the Kinect, updates for several existing games to work with the Kinect and several more on the way for the holidays. As a warning for parents that aren’t familiar with the new Xbox hardware – you do need to have an Xbox 360 in order for the Kinect to work.

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Me too! It would be so convenient to own one! Bring it right to class and use it for notes! Awesome!


I think I'm going to ask Santa for an iPad this year.