Paradox Interactive opens up spots for wizards in “Magicka” beta

Arrowhead Games and Paradox Interactive are prepared to enlist gamers for their Magicka beta, currently scheduled for release Q1 2011. Of course, it’s not going to be as easy as just asking them. You’ll have to show that you’re prepared.

How so, you wonder? You have to put on your proper wizarding attire, of course – and produce photographic evidence. Eep!

So, put on your robes (bathrobe, Snuggie, whatever), “like” the Magicka page on Facebook, and post the photo there.

That photo isn’t a guarantee, however – spaces are limited, so it’s still a selection of the images submitted. But you can’t get in unless you robe up!

Paradox provided a hilarious Ali G-style “Get Your Robes Ready!” trailer, so watch that below.

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