The State of Azeroth: The World will break…

Well Azeroth is now broken. I hope you all got in any last minute things done before things like Loremaster were completely changed, or got some lucky mount drops before ZG went away. Well news and more below from the past month or so. Plus a new advice section as well as a contest surprise at the end!


Blizzcon 2010 was pretty fun, and you can find my full coverage under the Angels on the Go section. Nothing earth-shattering (har har) was announced, but we did get to see more in-depth into the changes for dungeons and raids come Cataclysm. Plus the new launcher was released! Overall I had fun just with meeting all of the cool people I did and hopefully will have more of a chance to hang out next year.

Cataclysm (aka News)

It’s hard to even know where to start there has been so much news! We’ve been dealing with the elemental invasion of the cities and dealing with cultists. I have to say that the Stormwind/Orgrimmar city attacks are pretty cool to do. Plus doing the bosses afterwords and not having to camp rift spawns is nice. But as of this past Tuesday Deathwing is now in our world and everything has been changed. I’m a bit sad to see Auberdine go since I spent so much time questing around there, but in the end I’m stoked to get to experience all of the changes that I got to check out during the beta.

Well now Deathwing has emerged into the world and everything is changed. Personally I feel like this is just one big tease for when the expansion actually comes out. We have the updated cities, new zones, new quests but yet not everything is there. I can’t even begin to count how many times I saw in trade about people just being able to buy flying for Azeroth or even wanting to start the new quest chains. So far though I’ve been having fun going through the zones I didn’t hit up during the beta and doing the Plants vs Zombies quests.

There was also recently a developer chat hosted by Best Buy. It was a pretty standard chat and no questions really stuck out to me as interesting ones besides the following:

Are there any plans to potentially add queuing to the rated battlegrounds instead of it having to be a pre-made raid team? I was really excited when I first heard about this feature, but after reading the FAQ i was a bit disappointed with that design.
we’re currently looking into the possibility of having players in the honor battleground queue be able to be called to action by groups that aren’t quite full, but we’re going to see how the current queuing works out first so, that isn’t something that would be available just yet

It’s a good question since to me it seems like it would defeat the purpose of having a team for rated BGs, but seems like Blizzard may think about giving people the option to queue. If you’d like to read the entirety of the dev chat, you can go here.

Also, MMO-Champion put together a full preview of all T11 armor for all races and genders. I still hate the hunter armor (why does Blizzard hate hunters?) and I’ve heard the rantings from others on twitter and forums regarding the other sets like the Priest and Warlock for example. I know that warlocks are wishing that they had the Mage armor for one, and a friend is lovingly referring to her priest shoulders as soup bowls. So it seems that this time around Blizzard hasn’t received too warm of a reception to all of the armor sets.

The cute... it burns

There are also three new pets that will be sold in the Blizzard online store: Horde and Alliance moonkin hatchlings and Lil Ragnaros. The icons alone for the moonkin hatchlings will make you die of the cute. Not sure when they will be released, but if it’s before Christmas they’ll make excellent pets for your friends!

Also recently launched was a new community site through I must say I’m a huge fan of the layout since it’s sleeker. When you’re logged into the site, you will be able to see the character set as your main in the upper right hand corner, your latest achievements and then all of the top news in WoW. You will also have access to the forums as well as going to all of the services Blizzard offers for WoW players. It’s pretty neat and I think a lot better of a design than the official site.

In the airwaves

I’ve actually been invited to be on a couple of podcasts!

You can first catch me on the Twisted Nether Blogcast in Episode 107 – Stealthy Angel. I got interviewed and we talked some news. It was really fun and I’d love to go back sometime. You can listen to the podcast right there on the page, and they release new ones each week!

I also appeared on GKick put on by members of NTA. I again got to answer some questions about myself, talk about the news and come up with a raid boss for the game. You can subscribe to GKick on iTunes or go to their site to check out the new episodes each week. This one is definitely more mature so not recommended for those with tender ears or dispositions.

Thanks to both podcasts for hosting me!

Reader Advice

I’ve had a loyal reader who emailed me her own advice based on some guild drama that surrounded her for a few weeks over the past month or so. Her advice was pretty sound and I thought helpful so I asked her to write it up for this month’s State of Azeroth. Enjoy!

Greetings Citizens of Azeroth!
Coming to you for the first time ever on this edition of The State of Azeroth, the lovely Slyth of Stealth— or to just make it easier StealthySlyth wanted me to share some helpful pointers to make your time in game an enjoyable experience sans all the drama.

I think first thing’s first though; as chivalrous, experienced fighters representing both your faction and class it’s crucial to separate your “expert” opinion to fact because in all honesty– everyone thinks they’re an expert in their respected class. Furthermore, an all too common problem I notice both in game and on social networking sites like Twitter is that with no one seeing what your saying but rather reading what you’re typing in 140 characters or less, a lot can get lost in translation. In addition, where you’re trying to offer meaningful suggestions to fellow guildmates and your server buddies with no ill intention, a lot can get misconstrued in between the Lord Voldemort retweets and the “SPARKLY VAMPIRE BELFS ARE NOT RP!” tweets and tells. This can start a Tweet battle to the death, in game ganks with no purpose, and in the process people can get butthurt.

So you ask yourself, “Self, what can I do to get my point across without pissing anyone off?” Well there’s a way of stating your opinion without declaration. Starting off a comment such as , “I BELIEVE” rather than “I KNOW” is an easy starter to presenting your point to fellow followers and members of your community in a non-combatant but informative manner while engaging a good topic discussion. Plus really put into consideration what other people add to the mix. Read closely to what they say, respond with an objective rebuttal if prompted, and if there’s something you feel might be off be sure to back it up with fact. If you know for sure what they are saying is incorrect, quietly whisper (or DM) them with a link saying, “I found this online. Is this what you meant?” The use of expletives and low blows is always unnecessary and is only proving the point that you can’t engage in mature conversation.


I was recently informed that we received a special prize to give away courtesy of GameStop. And yes it’s WoW related! So if you’re a loyal player or someone who has even been considering coming back to the game I highly recommend coming back on Friday after your Black Friday escapades for a chance to win $300 worth of WoW time. Yes, three hundred dollars, or approximately two years of WoW time can be yours! So make sure to check back on Gaming Angels this Friday for info on how to win!!

Upcoming WoW articles

So I’ve been horrendously busy regarding a new job and all this convention traveling, but I do have some upcoming articles that will be posted to Gaming Angels soon!

Interview with Cory Stockton: I was able to interview lead content designer Cory Stockton while at Blizzcon! This interview should be popping up withing a matter of days. It’s also a bit of random questions since it was a last minute interview.

Book review of The Shattering: I finished this book before Blizzcon, but with everything happening have not finished writing up my review. This also will be featured in Lit Angels within the next week!

Call to readers!

If you have any tips, tricks, news or funnies you would like to send in to be included in the next State of Azeroth please send an email to!

This is Steph signing off until next month. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving in the US!

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