Review: The History of the World

Rated: 4+
Developer: The Mustard Corporation LTD
Release Date: 11/10/2010


The History of the World game app is surprisingly more fun than the scholastic name implies. Not to be confused with Today in World History, this is an asteroid game. Gameplay consists of  tapping your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to destroy the incoming space droppings. If you do well enough then life will evolve on earth but the type of life thrives, all depends on your quickness.

If you don’t let an asteroid fall to earth at the right time, your planet population might end up becoming dinosaur people. If you let the alien spacecraft pass then the modern day era may be populated by aliens. These possibilities are conveyed you to at your lofty perch above the Earth by news flashes crawling across the bottom of your screen.

You’ll feel like an all powerful Goddess protecting your little Whos down on Earth below.  Keep them safe and you’ll earn high scores. It isn’t really educational and the random comments about evolution serve as comedy rather than information. Want to know what would have happened if the dinosaurs hadn’t been wiped out? You also have to ensure that alien invaders don’t  conquer the planet.  It won’t be easy not to change the course of history.

It is an OpenFeint enabled game so there are social network functions there such as leader-boards and some connectivity with other players. It’s a fun mobile game that looks great on iPad. There is a free version to try so you can’t go wrong with that. Most likely you will want to upgrade to the pay version just to see what ends up happening to your planet.

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