Social gaming comes to Bing

Now it’s possible to earn achievements while you are searching. Sibblingz is bringing Happy Island to a new platform, Bing.

Users searching the internet on Bing will have the chance to play through the first levels of Happy Island without signing in. Later, the player can then associate their Facebook login to earn achievements and extend the game.

“Partnering with Microsoft to bring the first social gaming title to Bing opens up some very exciting opportunities for Sibblingz and the social gaming industry,” says Ben Savage, founder of Sibblingz. “With this partnership, we’re really thinking outside the Facebook canvas.”

The new Sibblingz platform made it easier to bring the social game to Bing. The development platform helped Crowdstar and Sibblingz bring the game to Bing in a very short time period.

“Crowdstar and Sibblingz have shown amazing agility with taking an idea from concept to reality in record time” says Parri Munsell, executive producer of Gaming on Bing at Microsoft. “Microsoft is excited to have Happy Island as the first social game available directly on Bing. We believe this launch brings several important innovations to the social gaming industry, starting with the ability to experience great game play before being required to sign in. Additionally, the search integrated mini game introduces a fun and exciting way to experience the power of Bing search right inside of the game.”

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