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  • 16Jan

    Interview with Artist Weng Chen

    Weng Chen who is also known as “wonn” to some people is an illustrator, manga artist, and game developer–and a game player. She did all of the 2D art for Fat Princess, and was nominated for Best Downloadable Game by Spike TV Video Game Awards in 2010. Previously Weng wrote the manga Messycow about her experiences in World of Warcraft. Today Gaming Angels Geek Woman was able to ask her some questions about her work. In a blog announcing the release of Fat Princess, she mentions that “I enjoyed drawing Fat Princess, just like I enjoy drawing Messycow, I guess I like to turn people’s idea bout something not so beautiful and perfect, anything can be cute and lovely–a cow or a fat girl. I mean, why only women with pretty face and sexy figure can be the main characters in games?” And we tend to agree. With a year

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