Review: Glee Karaoke Revolution (Wii)

ESRB: E10+
Genre: Music, Karaoke
Publisher: Konami
Release Date: November 9th, 2010


If you’ve got a “Gleek” in your home, this wonderful collection of sing-along hits from the infectious TV shows first season is a no-brainer! The game plays like just about every karaoke game on the market.  You have your plastic microphone, the words scroll across the screen, and you have to sing within the right key (you are given instructions to sing higher or lower, how long to hold notes, etc.) to earn top points.  As you perform and accumulate points, you will gain dancing groupies that let you know you are on a hot streak.  The actual game mechanics are very mundane.

The game contains 29 songs from the first half of Glee’s first season (the pilot through sectionals) to test your karaoke abilities. Just about all of the essentials from those episodes are here.  The second the game boots up, that addictive tune that plays in the background of certain Glee scenes (any true “Gleek” knows what I am talking about) puts you in a Glee-tastic mood.  Songs come with background videos straight from the show and you can sing alone, in competition, or in duet mode.

With Glee Karaoke Revolution, you get what is advertised: an enjoyable, party-ready karaoke experience wrapped in a box.   It does not bring anything new to the genre, but then again it never pretends to.  If you love all things Glee and want to sing along with some friends, this is your best bet for now.  Hopefully, the inevitable sequel will have more song selection and variety, but until then, grab the mike, sing along and pretend that your friends are laughing with you, not at you.  For those that have embraced everything that is Glee (including me), Glee Karaoke Revolution is the perfect way to get your fix until the series returns in February.

Glee Karaoke Revolution Song List:

1. And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going
2. Bust A Move
3. Can’t Fight This Feeling
4. Defying Gravity
5. Don’t Rain On My Parade
6. Don’t Stand So Close To Me Young Girl
7. Don’t Stop Believin’
8. Endless Love
9. Gold Digger
10. Hair/Crazy In Love
11. Hate on Me
12. I’ll Stand By You
13. I Say A Little Prayer
14. Imagine
15. Keep Holding On
16. Lean On Me
17. Leaving On A Jet Plane
18. My Life Would Suck Without You
19. No Air
20. Papa Don’t Preach
21. Proud Mary
22. Push It
23. Smile (Cover of Charlie Chaplin Song)
24. Smile (Cover of Lily Allen Song)
25. Somebody To Love
26. Sweet Carolina
27. Taking Chances
28. True Colors
29. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

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I love this game. I also bought Sing it.... I don't like sing it. I will buy the other 2 glee karaoke revolution games.

GamingAngel moderator

Glee songs are so catchy. I've barely watched the show, but the episodes I have watched, the songs stay in my head forever. lol