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    Interview: Evil Controllers’ Two Evil Women – Lindsey Olson & Jessica Galvin

    Geek Woman interviews Lindsey Olson, the go-to girl taking care of all Public Relations for Evil Controllers and works on managing some projects, like the recent Girl Gaming Month campaign, and Jessica Galvin, who does all of the social media and a lot of business management at Evil Controllers. Geek Woman: What products do you make at Evil Controllers? Lindsey Olson: Currently we make modifications for Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers. I would split this up into three main sections–modded controllers, accessibility controllers, and aesthetic add-ons. For modded controllers, we add things like rapid-fire, fast-reload, and auto-burst, and those can be adjusted depending on which controller you get. Rapid-fire makes the controllers shoot faster, fast-reload basically cuts out the animation during reloading to shave seconds off the reload, and auto-burst turns burst weapons into fully-automatic ones. Next, we make custom controllers for people with disabilities. For example, we made a controller for

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