My experience with

Matt and I have been head down into house hunting. We recently found a place, did the offer/counter offer thing, and are now in the inspection phase. We have so much research work to do on a Sunday, that we decided to use to get our groceries. Lazy? Maybe, but it potentially offers a great convenience. It also allows me to share my experience and have a discussion with you about sites or companies that offer to go food shopping for you.

To be honest, I’m not the best when it comes to food shopping. I hate it. I hate the idea of trying to figure out what I want to eat that week. I feel like we get the same standard things every week in order to play it safe. The problem with that, is I never have the exact ingredients to try something new. This leads us to order in more than we should because we may have a certain craving when chicken for the third day in a row won’t cut it.

First thing I did on was check to make sure they deliver in my zip code. I know they do because I’ve seen the cute little car here. The second thing I notice is free delivery for orders over $100. That’s perfect since we are ordering food for the week.

After creating a log in, it just leaves you with a thank you. No real direction as to where to go next, so I clicked on home. First thing I go to look at is the meats for the week. I spent three minutes trying to order pork chops to realize that I am unable to because it’s slightly grayed out. This is not a good user experience so far. It really should say not available. It’s also difficult to get back. There isn’t a user trail, so instead of going back to meats, I have to go home and start meats all over again. As I go through more sections this starts to annoy me more.

As I add to my cart, it shows me my running total and how much left until I hit the $100 free delivery. I click on one area that doesn’t have anything in it and it’s just blank. Should probably have some messaging stating that nothing in that category is available.

The ordering process was simple. It surprised me that you can input coupon codes. Good to know for next time. After it takes you through the ordering process, it then takes you to a page where it confirms the order. It’s odd because it’s working and changes messaging a couple of times. But there is no indication that the page is doing something other than when the message changes. I think a loading bar or something to show action would be a better experience.

It’s 2:03pm. It took me about 20 minutes to order which is so much less than walking through the grocery store. We’ll see how long the delivery takes. Wow 24 minutes! That’s great. Person just called and is on his way up. We’ll see how many trips he has to do with the groceries. Typically it takes me three. Guy arrives and he has all the groceries. It takes Matt and I minutes to put away.

The website needs work and can have many features improved. Also the selection isn’t varied if you need many choices. For example, I couldn’t get low fat shredded mozzarella. But at least they had shredded mozzarella. Overall the experience with is positive and I would use them again. The time I save has a huge impact and allows us to focus on other things we need to do.