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  • 19Mar

    Wonder Woman Pilot costume revealed

    Friday, the team behind the Wonder Woman Pilot revealed the star of the show in the new Wonder Woman costume. I posted about it on Facebook and then twitter but then I realized the most important opinion/feedback I would want is yours! I can tell you that I think it’s pretty disgusting. Nevermind that it is ill-fitting, but it just looks like a cheap Halloween costume. I can accept the color change for the boots, but the pants look horrible. While Wonder Woman has a great rack, I don’t think she has them as on display as Adrianne Palicki does. I mean how is she going to run or fight without those flopping out? What are your thoughts? Like it, love it, hate it? I wonder what her CEO and her secretary look, look like. Or if there is enough shiny spandex in the world for these costumes?

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