Featured Facebook Game of the Week

I got word of a new sort of match 3 game that is sort of a mix of Pogo.com’s Poppit and PopCap’s Blitz series with added “strategy elements” to reel in and challenge players. It’s called Poseidon’s Realm. I have just started playing it and I am intrigued. The basic mechanism of the game is to pop bubbles and form lines of three or more (odd shapes or groups don’t count unless it’s a square) scoring as many points as possible in one minute. There are gems exchangeable for power ups, experience points, and novel abilities that add levels of complexity to the game. For instance, as bubbles pop, the ones below them float up to fill in the gaps. Well, the grid is on a sort of wheel, so players have the ability to turn the game 1/4 turn in either direction in order to change the flow of replacement bubbles. Also, extra time can be earned by forming lines of four or more of the same color of bubbles, but is taken away with each matchless pop.

I am looking forward to learning all the mechanisms of the game and testing different strategies. At the moment, there are two frustrations I have with playing. The first is the retraining of my mind to look for different patterns than those of other match 3 games that consist of swapping or rotating pieces and/or forming groups. This, and the added levels of complexity make this a difficult game to get used to playing just a minute at a time. Maybe a practice version without a time limit would be helpful. The second is the growing trend of allowing only a set number of games in a certain time, where “energy” replenishes every so often, allowing another round of play. I understand that these types of social games need to have avenues to bring in revenue, but as a player, it sometimes makes me want to stop playing a game altogether. It’s a cruel cruel thing to hook someone into a game and then make them wait to play it.

Having said that, I will say that Poseiden’s Realm is worth testing out for a new take on a minute long match 3 and an additional challenge to the brain. Play it now and post your strategies below!

And post a comment with your suggestions for any other Facebook games you’d like to see in the new weekly feature!
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