Infinity Blade for iOS Updated

Infinity Blade is a good stress reliever. I’ve been playing it on iPad. There seems to be more moves in there. More opportunities to stab come up. There are a few more finishing moves. My character seems to be making a few different new strikes too. People who criticize Infinity Blade for being repetitive might not enjoy games like Chess or Golf. The challenge is to best your self and better your scores and effectiveness in battle. In some ways it reminds me of Soul Calibur. It is a great game with excellent graphics. There have been some problems running it that have been reported recently. I beat the God King and my game crashed, returning me to the last checkpoint. It was a big disappointment. Unfortunately like many people posting comments in the App Store, Infinity Blade is crashing frequently on the original iPad.

With an new iPad 2 and the additional Apple Digital AV Adapter you can play the game on an HDTV, which sounds like fun. This past week the iPads got Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment’s free update. Infinity Blade has new optimizations specifically for iPad 2, which I would guess is why it is crashing on original iPad. A 500 megabyte update just might do it. If you’ve been lucky enough to all ready grab an iPad 2 the new and improved processing power will reportedly make it look and play better than ever. In a fashion similar to the old PC games were, it means that it’s time upgrade or die.

Infinity Blade retails for $5.99 and requires an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, third or fourth generation iPod touch or first or second generation iPad running iOS 3.2 or later to install and run.