Islands of WAKFU Coming Soon to XBLA

Set 10,000 years before Ankama’s powerful MMO, DOFUS, Islands of WAKFU will bring fan into a new action adventure game. The game, will be available on XBLA at the end of this month, March 30th, and will set you back 1200 MS Points.

In Islands of WAKFU you’ll be able to play as Nora an Eliatrope (same class as Yugo from the WAKFU series) or Efrim, her dragon brother. Or, you and a friend can head into the game together in co-op mode. The game has 14 levels and the game play switches between adventure and combat and when you fight, you’ll see the previously unreleased “dynamic system” which plays similar to an arcade style fighter. And the game will have beginner (Goddess) and experienced (Initiate) modes for you to try.

The story will link with both DOFUS and WAKFU MMO counterparts, though it takes place so much earlier. Nora and Efrim are on a desperate quest to find the Islands of Wakfu and stop the end of the world.

If you’re still playing DOFUS, or planning on playing WAKFU, you’ll be interested to know that Islands of WAKFU will have 12 unlockable XBLA achievements that link back to exclusive items in DOFUS and later, WAKFU.