PAX East 2011: Checking out The Darkness 2

I played the original Darkness game, and felt that it was fun and had some good points to it but it felt a bit rough around the edges and could have been improved (from what I can remember). But before and during PAX East I heard a bit of a buzz around the fact that Darkness 2 was being shown on the show floor and some people seemed excited for it. So I made sure to stop by the booth and check it out, and I was very happy that I was able to get in for a preview! The only sad thing is that what I did get to see will most likely not be in the final game, but it at least could show us what to expect.

It starts off with Jackie being nailed down to some wood planks while dark swirls look to be moving into a box of some sort. After talk from the main villain who wants the darkness back since Jackie “can’t handle it” this dissolves into a flashback cut-scene. Jackie is going through a restaurant and being treated like the Don that he is. That is, until a woman gets shot in the head in front of him and a van crashes through the window. After Jackie comes to from being knocked out, things get interesting.

He is given a gun to shoot at enemies as a loyal follower drags him to saftey. This part is played out like a shooting gallery where you are able to turn and shoot at the enemies behind you. It seems pretty intense and is a great opener. Jackie does in fact make it out and this is when the darkness comes out and he gets the arms that we’ve all come to know and love. This is also where the demo got a lot more fun since we got to see some new mechanics with the arms, like close-up executions. My favorite part was once Jackie got a gun, he grabbed at a cab door and held it up like a shield and shot through it. When done with the door you can also make your arms fling it away from you and cut an enemy in half. This was all a part of the demo where the reps referred to it as a “Symphony of Death” which included some fierce looking combos using all of the abilities you have in Darkness. It was beautiful (and bloody).

Not much was shown of the storyline and where that will be taking us. We got the basic premise that after rising to power Jackie attracted some attention and now some other creepy villain wants to take the darkness from him. The opening teaser of [main character] bein nailed to boards at the beginning is a good way to make us wonder what exactly is going on. The story from the first one was good but certain game mechanics made me stop playing. I can’t wait to be able to get hands on with at least a demo soon though. Right now we can talk about how great it looks and how much fun it looks, but I’m hoping that the controls themselves are easy and fluid.

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