• 18Mar

    PopCap donates iPhone/iPad sales to Japan

    Here is an update on the sales: “We’re happy to report that the sale raised more than $200,000 which is being passed along to the International Red Cross for use in their ongoing efforts to provide food, shelter, medicine and other essentials to those suffering from the devastation in Japan.”

    PopCap Games has announced that it’s discounting the prices of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad versions of it’s games. The games include Bejeweled, Bookworm, Chuzzle, Peggle and Plants vs Zombies . All of which have been reviewed here on GamingAngels by Dawn.

    Starting Saturday, March 19 and ending at midnight on Sunday March 20, the titles are reduced to 99cents for the iPhone and iPod touch. iPad adaptations are reduced to $1.99.

    “We recently opened an office in Tokyo, and while our Japan-based employees are safe and uninjured, we understand countless others in Japan need food, shelter, and medical attention,” said Ellen Marett, Senior Director of Workforce Culture at PopCap. “Given that Plants vs. Zombies reached #1 on the iPhone and iPad sales charts in Japan, it seemed like the most appropriate game to feature in this fundraising campaign.”

    Purchase from PopCap.com or the Apple store.

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