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Welcome back to another edition of /info, where you can get almost any news from games that start with MMO. The Ides of March is upon us and the festivities for the God Mars (Ares for the Greeks) are gearing up…..if we were in ancient Greece/Rome ¬_¬. Still, there is no reason to not celebrate the God of War by playing MMO’s and killing our enemies! Huzzah!! But let’s get on with the news….

Reel Deal LIVE!

Phantom EFC the guys behind PC based casino and card game titles, announced that they are bringing a ton of updates to their MMO Reel Deal LIVE!  The updates will be live on March which will include a level cap increase, new adventure quests and more, will follow on the heels of last September’s major batch of updates, which included the all new Egyptian-themed floor featuring games and slots from 2010’s Reel Deal Slots: Mysteries of Cleopatra and Reel Deal Casino: Valley of the Kings, brand new additional achievements, new prizes for gamers to win and much more.

Heroes of Gaia:

Snail Games Usa announced the next expansion to the popular free-to-play MMO Heroes of Gaia that will also launch in March. The expansion is call “Ascension” and will add the following:

  • Raised Fame Levels – Five new Fame levels for players to achieve. The Immortal, Doom Messenger, Death Messenger, Lord of Chaos, and Lord of Order.
  • New Elite-level Co-op Instances – Players can team up and do battle in two new high-level instances. Players must defeat the first level for a chance to gain access to the second, and defeating both will results in epic gear drops.
  • Mercenary Heroes – Players and Guilds can hire temporary Heroes to fight on their behalf and siege enemy Castles.
  • New “Command Style” System – Players can choose their own path by selecting a primary focus of development in their Castles. Militant, Prolific, or Preventative will allow them to choose between training troops faster, increased resource production, or reduce the effects of attack respectively.

Forsaken World:

Perfect World international has unveiled the new developers diary on Genesis, the upcoming expansion to Forsaken World.  This marks the fourth and final phase to the closed beta testing, which means that now any one can now test out Forsaken World, including the new content that has opened up.  This include Earthguard race, territory wars, guild bases, neat dances and much more.

We have been heard!!

The players of Atlantica Online must’ve said that when the Stamina System was changed in the game.  The removal of the Stamina System will allow players to level up their characters more efficiently through missions, battles, and interaction with other players. It will also significantly reduce the amount of time players need to spend micromanaging points and allocating resources specifically pertaining to stamina. Players are now free to enjoy the world of Atlantica Online however they choose.


TeraEn masse Entertainment  conclude the ongoing race and class series spotlighting the last of the game’s seven mythical races and eight unique classes.

Featured Race: high elves

When you play a high elf in TERA, you become part of the world’s most ambitious, ruthless society—but it’s a society that prizes intelligence and drive. TERA’s elves are finding their way in a world where racial diversity is a matter of survival, but elven pride is as tenacious as the elves themselves.

Elves are equally accomplished in the sorcerer’s tower, the mystic’s temples, and the slayer’s dueling circles. Though they keep tight rein on expressing their emotions (lest others take advantage of that weakness), they have a pragmatic wisdom that’s an asset in troubled times.

The high elves may have been the last nation to join the Valkyon Federation, but with their political acumen and knack for long-term planning, don’t be surprised if they’re running the show in a few years.

Featured Classes: berserker and priest


You can’t solve every problem with a huge battle-axe, but the problems you can’t “solve” end up fleeing in terror anyway. That’s the worldview of TERA’s berserker class, a whirling dervish of destruction on the battlefield.

And while berserkers fly into rages beyond rational thought, you still think tactically as a player. You’ll be moving around the battlefield, evading enemy attacks and finding just the perfect spot for that Cyclone attack.


Movement on the battlefield is also key for TERA’s priest class. You’re no healbot—you’re dealing damage one moment, locking down your enemies the next, then dropping a Circle of Rejuvenation to keep all your friends alive to fight another day.

Best of all, you’re pivotal on the battlefield—friends and enemies alike are orbiting around you. Healing takes skill—it’s more than just pressing the “heal” button—TERA rewards that skill with a combat experience that puts you at the center, not on the sidelines.

DOFUS magazine

Pandora Saga

Atlus Online launched a commercial service for the game. In addition to the label cap being raised to 44, it also brings the item shop that will bring a one-stop shop for a wide variety of rate and potent weapons, potions and more.  You’ll be able to join the muldia medals event that may deliver some real life rewards.  Players must collect the coveted muldia medals and exchange them for a chance to win various prices. One lucky player will be rewarded with the grand prize: a $50 ultimate game card, a 23″ LCD monitor, and keyboard for the avid MMO gamer.

Dofus gets a Magazine:

The DOFUS magazine is aimed at both DOFUS fans and fans of video games alike. It will give you an insight into the video game creation process at one of the biggest independent games studios.
Whilst many MMORPG guidebooks become outdated very quickly, this magazine will show you the work in progress on all Ankama Games productions. Its aim is to allow you to follow the game’s evolution, so you can better appreciate the final result “in-game”. if you want to get your issues

Working Title “Salem”

Paradox interactive announced their free-to-play MMORPG based in the harsh world of colonial Salem.  The game focuses on crafting and player colonies as players discover the new world in a sandbox like environment. The game is being developed by the team at Seatribe and is scheduled to go live in 2011 on the Paradox Connect platform.


Publisher Neonga announced the launch of the pre-beta registration of its newest Free-to-play MMORPG.  The fantasy themed game, blends distinctive 3D graphics and classical RPG elements with an immersive story into a unique gaming experience.  The game offers classical MMORPG gameplay with 5 different classes, 160 unique skills and more than 800 quests. A wide variety of different Pets can be raised to fight side-by-side with the player. Those pets can learn their own skills and sell the players’ spare equipment automatically in the next town to aid their master to level up their character up to the current maximum level (100). To sign up, visit

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