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    Blazing the Tech Trail: The Girl Scouts using Technology

    I am a sucker for Girl Scout cookies. (In Canada, we have Girl Guides) I mean not, a little bit of a sucker, I mean HUGE sucker. I am unsure if it is the fact that I pitied the poor girls, lugging those boxes of cookies from door to door. Either, they had a wagon, or a huge box which they carried by hand as they knocked on my door. The pity is long stemmed from the fact that I was ONE of those girls, lugging the box around, because, you know, it builds character. The other factor, could be the fact that milk and cookies has been a staple in my “snack” selection. None the less, a smile spread across my face, as I would pay the five dollars to get a nice box of the icing sandwich cookies, or if it was close to Christmas, the Mint cookies.

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