GamingAngels Weekly Roundup Episode 4

Hey there, Angels! We’re back with two-thirds (PLUS ONE-THIRD, A.K.A. EVERYONE) and it’s time for some news. As well as Trina’s English accent (for about ten seconds, anyway). Show notes are below the player.

Download the file here.

First — what do we think the next gaming gimmick’s gonna be? (Thanks, @ind1fference!) And a little bit of what we’ve been playing this week.

The news isn’t as listy this time around — as Elizabeth says, it’s a weak week. We make the best of what we’ve got, though! We do go into the PSN debacle, what Sony should be doing for us, possible recompense for some paying users, the new Nintendo console, the slightly-less-new Nintendo 3DS, and Valve just being awesome and giving out Portal 2 DLC. It’s a fun listen, in any case.

Also, in a Very Special Episode of Weekly Roundup, Tiffany tells you how to donate to tornado relief across the Southeast, because it’s a mess out there. What? You want that information in written form? Here you go!

Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to the relief effort, and FOOD to 27722 to donate specifically to the West Alabama Food Bank. If you want to use your credit or debit card to donate directly to the state, visit

If you need help, contact FEMA at 800-621-3362, or if you need a connection to help, @kweenie will do her best to find you someone who can assist.


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