Review: Using Netflix with Kinect

Last Thursday we wrote about how Microsoft updated the Netflix 360 app to work with Kinect. Being excited for this update, I couldn’t wait to get home and get it installed. But in the end, there wasn’t much to be excited about.

Netflix touted this update saying that we would finally be able to use Netflix with the hands-free Kinect features. The ability to watch movies with the family using the Kinect was featured in all the E3 hoopla last year.  It took six months for us to get an update that would let us interact with Netflix at all, and then turned out to be a huge disappointment. You can only use hand gestures to navigate though a short list of automatically generated “suggested titles for you”. For me, this list mostly contains kid movies that I really would never watch. The only correct thing on the list is Battlestar Galactica which we’ve been watching almost every day.  So it had one option correct.

To get to your instant queue or any of the other Netflix menus you still have to use your controller. It boggles my mind as to why Microsoft would approve of an update that falls so short of it’s goals. Hopefully, Netflix does not think that this is adequate enough for users.   Sad to see such a good company put out something so lacking.

If you, like many of us were excited about getting this update to your Xbox Netflix application, don’t be.  Let us just hope that it doesn’t take another six months to get something that actually reflects the Kinect’s capabilities within Netflix — what we should’ve had at day one.