Order and Chaos MMO for iOS

As promised Game Loft has produced it’s first MMO clone. Order and Chaos is a World of Warcraft knock off. With elves that have long ears, and characters with tree trunk shaped feet. The character designs strongly resemble those good old shoeless, ugly, WoW avatars that you have come to love. Right now for $6.99 at the Apple App store you can play in any iOS device for three months. It is the usual fair of choosing from four races, human, elf, ogre, and undead. There are professions to choose from such as warrior, mage, cleric and rouge. Since it is new you can expect glitches. I was able to see other characters walking around up in the air as the surfaces they were traveling on disappeared. And my character was also able to see through walls and stick her feet through them. They probably should have done an open beta first because the bugs make it questionable if it worth the $6.99 just yet.