Sissys Magical Ponycorn Adventure

Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure is what happens when you have a supportive family who exposes their kids to many opportunities. Ryan took his five year old daughter, Cassie to TO-Jam which is a Toronto based Game Jam.

Many at the Jam might have been worried about a five year old running around a Game Jam, but Cassie found her game designer hat and made an amazing Adventure click game that has cute dialog and a cute idea. Her father did the heavy lifting using UGAGS (the Untold Graphic Adventure Game System). Cassie made the crayon drawings, and even taped the voice overs.

Go here to read about the adventure, see pics of Cassie and her dad and of course play the game. This helps to emphasize that with family support we can encourage young people to bring change to the game industry. Remember to check out the GamingAngels National Computer Camp scholarship for young girls. Make sure to send your entries.

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The game opens with Sissy declaring her love for a fictional species called "ponycorns", and inviting the player to join her on her quest to collect the five ponycorns. She travels through rainbows to reach new areas; when she goes through the first one, she finds a person named OrangeBoy, who speaks in murmurs and gives her jars to put ponycorns in.