‘Bioshock: Rapture’ Novel available July 19th, first chapter available now

There’s a Bioshock novel coming to a bookshelf (or ereader) near you, Bioshock: Rapture by John Shirley will be available in just a few short weeks for those of you looking to get your Bioshock fix in before Infinite hits the shelves.  And if you can’t wait until the 19th to see what this book is going to be like, you can head over to Tor.com to read the first chapter.  That should get you in the mood.

If you’re planning to be around at SDCC, you’ll be able to find author John Shirley signing over at the Tor booth.


Hmm, looks interesting. The excerpt doesn't give me any idea what the game is, though--what is it like? I worry about books or movies made from a video game--a built-in audience sometimes leads to sloppiness--but I actually liked the Mortal Kombat movie, so I am open to the idea.