E3 Hands On Gadgets: with Nyko


Nyko Technologies is known for their lineup of chargers for various systems. Nyko always seems to offer products that solve issues gamers are having with their products but I believe their lineup at this year’s E3 has the best gaming accessories I have ever seen.

The Nyko representatives were very understanding about how sick I felt. They got me into a room right away to start talking about their products. First up is the 3DS Power Grip.

The 3DS Power Grip is very comfortable to hold in your hands. It’s smooth and does not feel like it adds any extra weight to the 3DS. The Power Grip has a built-in battery pack, which gives 3DS users 3x the battery life they normally would have. The 3DS Power Grip will be on sale this September for $29.99.

The must have for 3DS users has to be the Shock n Rock for the 3DS. The case increases battery life by 3x and has four speakers that offer a significant improvement in the sound for the 3DS. The 3DS on its own does not seem to have a good volume range, even with headsets on at the Nintendo booth, it was often difficult to hear a game. This problem vanishes with the Shock N Rock. The case also offers a rumble system (hence the name) which you can turn on or off. The case is bulky. But the idea is to snap it on and always play with it attached to the 3DS. The Shock N Rock will be available in September for $39.00.

All 3DS products are only available in black for now because that is the 3DS  color that seems to be selling the strongest.

Nyko’s premier item has to be the Zoom for Kinect. Nyko really sat down with the Kinect and tried to find out what problems gamers have while playing. The largest problem is the space that the Kinect needs! Which can keep gamers living in apartments from buying the Kinect. Well get ready to move because the Zoom cuts that distance by 40%. The Zoom just clicks right onto the Kinect and doesn’t need any batteries or cables to work. At E3 they were demoing with a game that was buggy which seemed odd. I would have gone to the store and gotten a Kinect Sports to demo it with. The Zoom is set for an August release date at the low price of $30.

“Nyko has been showing off new products at E3 for a dozen years straight, and we can’t wait for players to see the 2011 lineup,” said Chris Arbogast, director of marketing at Nyko Technologies. “With 3D and gesture-gaming, this year is all about finding new ways to enjoy video games. We’ve developed new accessories that bring the fun of gaming to even more players, regardless of long plane trips and cramped living rooms.”

Check out this video on how it works:

I have to hand it to Nyko this year for providing products that really solve problems that gamers have. Great job!