Review: PilotWings Resort

Rating: E for Everyone
Genre: Flight Simulator
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: March 27, 2011 (NA)


I’ve never been one to like flying sims, but I was willing to check out Nintendo’s Pilot Wings Resort for the 3DS, purely for the 3D gimmick aspect. I was able to briefly play it at a previous 3DS event so I was looking forward to playing through some of the levels more. And well, it’s definitely another “[Insert name here] Resort” game from Nintendo.

The game itself actually takes place on the same island (or something pretty close to) the island that the Wii Sports Resort title is on. The graphics are about the same and use Mii’s as the characters. The only difference is that you can play in 3D, which I will say is gimmicky but still awesome that I don’t have to wear glasses on my glasses to experience.

There is a good tutorial stage to get you familiarized with each type of aircraft (plane, glider and jetpack), and how the various courses go. I have to say that having an analog stick on the 3DS really helps with the control factor in flight modes since I don’t have to worry about the D-pad. After you play through the tutorial the game goes into more challenges and you can play through them to earn high scores and ribbons. As expected, newer challenges are unlocked as you complete others. Going through the stages also unlocks some bonuses for the free-flight mode where you can explore WuHu island. Increased time for free flight is great as exploring the island is kind of cool from an areal aspect.

But all in all I got extremely bored with this game. There really isn’t much to it and I honestly just didn’t find the will to finish up more of the game as I went on. It’s a super casual game and it does look good in 3D, but that’s about all it has to it. I got an hour or two of gameplay in before I just stopped out of boredom, but flight sim fans, or more casual players may enjoy it. It just worries me that Nintendo may put out more things like this that are casual shovelware games that are done to show off the gimmic with the system.

Now this isn’t to say that the game is a “bad” game. It’s well made, the controls are great, and it has the potential to give some amusement for awhile. The graphics are good and even look great in 3D. But is it worth retail price? Not at all. I do think that kids would have more fun with this game as opposed to adults. It involves the Miis, and they can play with friends, so the competition will be fun for them. In general it works for a starter, or first, game for a younger kid. But if you’re thrifty like me I would hold off on purchasing this game until it hits the bargain bin.