So Say We All – Battlestar Galatica panel

So say we all! Today was the Battlestar Galatica panel and while the show may be over the spirit is still there. The panel was full of fans keeping the spirit alive and waiting for any news. The news was short. There is a new show called Blood and Chrome. This show will follow Lee Adama growing up. (spelling may be off) The interesting thing is that if the pilot or first show is not successful, it may not get picked up. Richard Hatch was mentioning that it would be alot of help if we all watched it instead of tivo and watching it later. All has to do with Neilson ratings.

Below I took some video of BSG gag reel. It’s pretty dang funny. Richard mentioned that there is a new social game that is going to turn into novels and maybe even a game. So pretty exciting! I hope we get more information about that soon.

If you are a female BSG fan, check out Her Universe. They are selling BSG Toaster necklaces, BSG So Say We All hoodies and Cylon tshirts. So much awesome! I bought the hoodie and tshirt of course.

Here is one video. I may upload another some other time:


Very cool! I am so jealous of all this great con stuff you are doing!