The Riddler is still full of wordplay in this trailer for ‘Batman: Arkham City’

“I spy…with my riddle eye…something that’s a bat!” Yes, Arkham Asylum‘s version of The Riddler was often heard but never seen, but in Arkham City, he appears to have upped the ante quite a bit.

Not only are you flying around town trying to solve his mysteries in exchange for trophies, you’re also beating up henchmen for information, because there’s much more at stake this time.

See, Riddler’s actually taken hostages this time, like a proper criminal mastermind instead of the near-playful depiction of him in the last game. He isn’t messing around anymore. And he’s definitely doing a lot to remove Jim Carrey’s version of him from my mind. Thanks for that.

Enjoy the latest Batman: Arkham City trailer.