Dragon Age Legends coming to Google +

Google + has just launched a gaming platform and Electronic Arts/Bioware will be one of the first companies to embrace it. Dragon Age Legends is now available on Google + to play. As of yesterday, I heard the games part of Google+ will be slowly rolled out, so you may not have access to it yet, but when you get access it will be there.

“We’re very excited to be among the first games launching on Google’s new social project. It’s an honor to join Google in celebrating the birth of their gaming platform on Google+ by expanding Dragon Age Legends to an even wider audience,” said Dr. Ray Muzyka, Co-founder of BioWare, and General Manager of the BioWare Label at EA. “Dragon Age Legends raises the quality bar for social network games. By bringing the franchise to Google+, we’re able to connect and entertain millions of existing and new fans within the rich, immersive Dragon Age universe!”

Dragon Age Legends is set in Free Marches, the primary setting for Dragon Age II. Players will not only be able to learn more in their universe but also participate in pvp combat.

To play the game go to www.plus.google.com.