Empress of the Deep 2 Song of the Blue Whale

Empress of the Deep 2 Song of the Blue Whale is out and it is another terrific offering from the franchise. This hidden object and puzzle game has some of the best features out there for this type of game. The graphics, sound and puzzles are all outstanding.

It has superior graphics, and a beautiful art-style for the backgrounds. There is lots of magical glitter around. Special effects move the cutscenes and animations along with cleverly used transitions. There are flowing fountains and decorative ponds surrounded by gardens. The animal Guardians in the game who are outfitted with brass fittings that are able to translate animal to human speech. The animals aren’t the only nod to steam punk in the game. Entire areas look like they have been detailed with shiny brass whatnots. It is beautiful, and once again like the first Empress of the Deep, all those pipes and plumbing, electronics and arcing electricity, is very reminiscent of the original game of Myst. My iPad Screen Shots:
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Far from being just a static hidden object puzzler, the game keeps you thinking. Although the puzzles are very easy to solve, the objects aren’t always easy to see or where you would expect them to be. Of course there are locked doors and passageways, but you will have to use all of your puzzle skills to get past them. One of the best parts of the game is the sound. The music is pretty, and it changes from one area to the next. The underwater bubble noises are soothing, and you do hear a little bit of whale song added into the mix.

The full version of the game is worth the price. They also did something different and they have a Collector’s Edition with extra content. The very best part is that you can enjoy a lengthy Free demo of the game from the Apple App Store.