Star Wars inspired art at Hold Up Art

It’s hard to deny the impact that Star Wars has in Pop Culture. The 1977 film, and all the following films in the franchise have allowed generations of people to enjoy and fall in love with the Star Wars Universe. Because of that, it’s not hard to believe that artists are inspired by Star Wars too.

Art for a Galaxy Far Far Away will be held at Hold Up Art from August 20 through September 5, 2011. Professional illustrator and painter Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez will be showing their Star Wars-inspired works.

Denise has a background in custom vinyl toys and Randy has been working in the Star Wars Universe for a very long time.

Here is the location for the exhibit:
Hold Up Art
358 E. Second Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

The Opening reception is August 20, 3022 from 7-11pm.