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  • 21Sep

    Splitfish Announces the FragFX Shark 360

    In honour of the ten anniversary of Halo, Splitfish has announced the shipping of the FragFX Shark 360. For those that are not familiar with the company, Splitfish are the makers of high end professional gaming controllers, which specialized in console controllers with a mouse. Splitfish make controllers for those who believe that mouse is how to “play shooters games they were originally intended” The FragFX Shark 360 is one of those high end controllers designed for the Xbox 360. The controller is a combination of an analog stick and a mouse to play first person shooters. The controller’s buttons can be customized to your personal gaming preference, and can also be customized in terms of layout and sensitivity on the fly. Meaning in the middle of match, you are not wasting those precious seconds that can mean the gaming winning kill or your death. According to press release the

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