First Look – Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs. Evil

I definitely got my video game on while at PAX, but I also made it a point to check out some tabletop gaming, and boy am I glad that I stopped off at the Cryptozoic booth. They were demoing their new Penny Arcade deck building game “Penny Arcade – The Game: Gamers vs. Evil”, and man, what a fun game!

To start the game, you choose between different roles such as Gabe, Tycho and other familiar faces from the comic strip and then work to build up your deck. To do this, you use tokens to get merch cards or use power cards (cardboard tubes!) to make your deck more PvP based. The monsters you can snag for your deck are great, and can even infect the other players with the dreaded Pax Pox!

You will of course need some good strategy, and it begins with picking the character you’re going to play as. Some characters give you bonuses as to how many gold and power cards you receive in the beginning, or cards gained when you perform certain actions in the game like buying merch and a power card in one turn.

I sat down to play this game with one of the fine guys from Cryptozoic as well as a friend and a random stranger, and man did we have some fun! Sadly I lost, but there were quite a few laughs had over sicking some PvP bosses against one another as well as the humor from the comic showing up in the cards. The game and rules are very balanced, and any fan of Penny Arcade will for sure enjoy themselves with this game.

As a bonus at the show, Cryptozoic was actually selling the full game early to Pax attendees! With any purchase of the game ($49.99) attendees got another bonus: a boss deck for Fruit F#%&er Prime! Sadly I missed out on being able to get a copy myself (they were all sold out by Sunday morning), but Cryptozoic was super nice and gave me a bonus deck for when I purchase the full game in October. Yep, the full game will be out in October at your local game shop and online! And as someone who’s played, I highly recommend adding it to your game collection!