Missoni for Target launches and crashes

Fashionistas everywhere woke up early to hit the Target website today. The Missoni collection officially went on sale today and promptly crashed the site. Unfortunately those going to brick and mortar stores may not fair any better. There are reports of people online since 2am and just filling their cart with as much merchandise as they can. Probably not in the manner of keeping, but for re-selling at a marked up price on Ebay.

The collection that includes everything from signature zig-zag print sweaters for $44.99 and silk scarves for $19.99 to iPad covers and furniture.

This photo makes me sad. As someone that wanted to purchase a pair of shoes and a dress, this is just disgusting to witness: Target Missoni picture.

Target’s press release stated that the sale will go through October. But will that mean they will refill what’s been sold? Will we get another chance to make a purchase? I can tell you I refuse to purchase it on ebay.

Are you headed to your local Target today to make a purchase? Follow @Target for any updates.