• 27Oct

    Apples to Apples coming to console & Facebook

    I love Mattel’s game Apples to Apples. In the boardgame, one player picks a word and the others place cards from their hand that they think the player would associate most closely to that word. Or in the cases I’ve played, what that person is most likely to pick based on personal preferences. For example, anything Disney always wins when it’s my turn to pick. Apples to Apples is a great conversation starter and great for families or adults.

    Apples to Apples is now coming to console and social networks. It will be released first on Xbox Live and Playstation Network this winter for 800 MS Points or $9.99 on PSN. What’s interesting is there is a single player mode included. Not sure why anyone would want to play this as a single player. Online and local modes support up to six players. New to the game are Golden Apple cards that change game play and animated avatars that players can choose from.

    Later Facebook fans will be able to play using their smartphones. Facebook players will also unlock achievements and Apples Coins and Cash.

    The interesting thing about Apples to Apples is that while it’s a great boardgame, it does help to know the people you are playing with. Having this knowledge assists you in knowing what the person may pick. Someone may always pick the funniest card, or maybe they hate dogs and would never pick an answer with a dog. I would recommend playing this online with people you know. Playing with total strangers just might not be as fun.

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Quinn 8 pts

Wow, this is pretty cool. I would do a game night with this--I love this game!

GamingAngel 45 pts moderator

we'll have to have a game night hehe