‘Army Corps of Hell’ is a PS Vita launch exclusive

Square Enix announced this morning that Army Corps of Hell is one of PlayStation Vita’s launch titles in North America. In the game, you command a group of goblins (using all of Vita’s input methods, naturally) to bring the King of Hell back to power.

“We are very excited to have Army Corps of Hell as part of the exclusive launch line-up of the PS Vita system,” said Mona Hamilton, vice president of marketing for Square Enix, Inc. “The team at Entersphere is creating a unique action game that fully embraces the power and controls of the PS Vita system.”

Still no release date for Vita as a whole.

PS Vita
PS Vita

Agree completely. By the time they actually perfect this kind of thing, Nintendo and Sony (maybe Microsoft will join the battle by then?) will be the ones doing it right. It's a great idea, but a little before its time if you ask me.