• 21Oct

    Featured Facebook Game of the Week – Tetris Battle

    Even though a lot of people have a lot of problems with the way Facebook is laid out or functions, I am still enjoying the feed that pops up when I start playing a game letting me know what my friends are playing. This gives me a good heads up and I get to try a bunch of great games this way. One of these is Tetris Battle. Tetris Battle is a throwback to the original Gameboy game played very much in the same way, only with a good “social” component. Tetris Battle pits players against each other head to random head, sending lines to each other and trying to knock each other out in a 2 minute all out battle (sort of a Tetris Battle Blitz), or finishing 40 lines before each other, or many other challenges. The one thing I wish was that we could choose to play against our friends instead of it being the luck of the draw. It’s a good time, with the fast paced action that brings intense focus, bringing tuning out the stresses of everyday life. Give it a try today and drop some blocks on your competition!


Hi Dawn! We're glad that you are enjoying Tetris Battle.

You are able to challenge your friends in Battle 2P, Battle 6P, or Sprint 4P. Look on the Friends Bar (on the bottom of the game) for a friend with the label “JOIN ME”. That label will tell you your friend is online and available to play with you.

Click on a friend that has a “JOIN ME” label and an invitation will be sent for your friend. After he or she accepts you will see a chat box on the Friends Bar. When you are ready to play, click on start and enjoy.

More details instructions can be found in the Help section in the General tab.

Let's play!


Hey! Awesome, I noticed that it says "live" on my picture on the bottom of the screen when I am playing, Now, I am just hoping that my friends start playing at the same time! Thanks for the tip! I love the social aspect of this game. It's nice to play against people in real time in addition to a leaderboard. I just can't stop playing! :)