• 31Oct

    Geeky Pumpkin Carving

    For years, when my kids were small, we lived in a third floor apartment, so we did pretty much no Halloween decorating. We didn’t even hand out candy, because who would walk up all those stairs just on the off chance someone was handing out goodies? One year, I went to a pumpkin-carving party, which was a blast, but then I had to go put the pumpkin on my parents’ porch so that it wasn’t totally wasted. The problem with that was that I didn’t get to see my own creation very much.

    This turned me off of pumpkin carving for a long time. All that work, and I didn’t even get to enjoy it! Even though I have lived in a house for 3 years now, I haven’t tried it again. Until now.

    First, I had to go out and find the best patterns. It was easy to find some extremely impressive carving patterns and examples. Fantasy pumkins has just about anything you can imagine, from the 360-degree Death Star to dragons, fairies, mythical creatures, and more. These were way beyond my confidence level, though.

    A search on Star Trek pumpkins led me to this awesome Uhura pattern, but given my extremely limited pumpkin carving experience, I didn’t have the gumption to take this one on, either. Plus, I figured I would spend much of my time supervising the children, who are 9 and 14, anyway, so I should pick something that they would like.

    A trip to geeksugar set me up. After looking through the slideshow 8 Cuddly Pumpkin Templates For Your Geeky Jack-o’-Lantern, I was sure that the best choices would be the pig from Angry Birds, and Pumpkin-chu, for my Pokemon-loving boy.

    The kids had a blast with the carving. They carefully marked out the patterns with the poking tools I provided, then went around the patterns with the knife once to get about halfway through before cutting out entire pieces. I did help the little one with the tricky parts, and he only cut all the way through for the easiest sections, much to his dismay, but we ended with all of our fingers intact, so I think it was a good decision. The pumpkins turned out great, but the pictures are only okay. Either I need a new camera, we needed more light, or both. However, here is what I got:

    Happy pig!

    Isn't my daughter talented?


    My son did great, it's much cooler in person, really…










    I asked my fellow angels to send over their pumpkin pictures, too. @kweenie sent me a great picture of her awesome cannibal pumpkin:

    Just look at the poor little guy, such pathos!


    @GamingAngel sent over this great pair of Bowser and Mario pumpkins:

    So scary, and so…cheerful, :)


    Does anyone else have pumpkin pictures to share?

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GamingAngel 45 pts moderator

haha what great pumpkins! But what do you do with them after Halloween?

Quinn 8 pts

GamingAngel I think I am going to throw them under my hydrangea plants as fertilizer. I have heard that can change the color of the flowers.