Sony offers you a Vita one week early, if…

Want to get PlayStation Vita on day…well, -7? Sony’s making that happen with the PS Vita First Edition Bundle, which launches February 15. (The official-official launch date is February 22.)

The bundle for the U.S. includes the Wi-Fi +3G model (a dealbreaker for some), a limited-edition case, a 4GB memory card and a copy of Little Deviants, all for $349.99. So, essentially, it’s an extra $50 for about $50 of extra stuff. That makes sense.

There will be a special Canadian First Edition Bundle, featuring the same items…well, except for the 3G Vita. Instead, Canadians get Wi-Fi only, for whatever reason (maybe they haven’t worked out a mobile provider there yet).

Starting today, you can pre-order this bundle and get your Vita “early.” Though, this is more of a shift of the release date for those who are willing to go with the more expensive model. (I may or may not have switched my pre-order.)


I really love the look of the new PS Vita