What Are Your Halloween Costume Plans?

I am somewhat ambivalent about Halloween costumes for the adult. On the one hand, why do kids get to have all of the fun? On the other hand, costumes are expensive, and I have desire to subvert my childhood memories with the likes of sexy bumblebee costumes. Not that there is anything wrong with sexy costumes for an adult if that is what you want to do; I just hate that is largely the only option for pre-made costumes.I really admire people who are clever enough to create their own costumes, and I have always wanted to do that myself, but I am not very good with the ideas. Luckily, I have the internet to help me out.

First, I found the awesome Take Back Halloween!, which bills itself as a costume guide for women with imagination. They have some amazing costumes, with categories like Glamour Grrls, Goddesses and legends, Notable Women and Queens (because, why settle for being a princess, when you can be a queen?). I particularly love the Ada Lovelace and Hatshepsut costumes, but all of the costume ideas on the site seem to require lots of money and internet ordering, so I won’t be doing that in time for Halloween this year. I do plan to bookmark the site and keep an eye out throughout the coming year to see if I can find cheaper options for next year, though.

My next stop was the Costume Idea Zone. Despite the unfortunate section on “How to Put the Sexy in Your Halloween Costume,” they have a lot of awesome ideas, including a page of Quick and Easy Ideassubmitted by users that could likely be done in five minutes with stuff that is in your house right now. If I were going to a party, I would probably use the Ceiling Fan idea, which I think is brilliant. I know, this marks me as a huge dork, but the idea of wandering around a party cheering Go Ceilings! strikes me as endlessly amusing (and this is without alcohol.)

However, what I will likely be doing next week is passing out candy to neighborhood kids, and I don’t think they will get the joke. So, I headed over to the Make Projects Halloween Guide to find some more ideas. I love the Robot costume, and it seems totally doable in theory, but I suspect that the Diabolical Hornsmight fit better in my schedule. Yes, I know it isn’t a full costume, but it is enough to get into the spirit, right? I tell you what, though, I have already set a calendar reminder for next year to start planning on September 1st.

What great costumes will you be making/wearing?