‘BioShock Infinite’ on PlayStation 3 to get special Move peripheral

On an official PlayStation-related article from Sony, the console-maker noted that 2012 release BioShock Infinite will get its own special Move peripheral.

Of course, this note didn’t stay up on the site long — here’s the current incarnation — but Videogamer managed to snag the interesting part of the original text:

A special PS Move peripheral is being produced that will draw you even deeper into this stunning vision of a parallel future.

Of course, the bigger question here is…well, what on Earth (or off Earth also works in this case, I suppose) is the peripheral for Move going to represent? Guns have been done to death, but that’s the likely end result here. I guess an older gun that Booker uses would be cool enough, right?

BioShock Infinite‘s Move integration isn’t a secret — Ken Levine himself announced the game’s support during E3 2011.

The game currently has no release date outside the very vague “2012.”