• 27Nov

    Cyber Monday sales!

    Black Friday’s sales were good, but personally, I hate crowds. Did you hear that some lady out here in California actually pepper sprayed people in line? That is crazy. Cyber Monday is great because you can shop in your pjs (or at work) and avoid the crazy people all together.

    Here are the Cyber Monday sales:
    Target: Target’s deals last all week long (sort of defeating cyber monday though. Isn’t that just weekly sales?)
    $174.88 Wii Console bundle
    $129.99 Just Dance 3 Kinect Bundle
    $289.99 PS3 bundle
    $299.99 Xbox Bundle

    Best Buy (their sales are two days)
    Nook $79.99
    Free the Sims 3 game with purchase of Sims 3
    Kinect $99.99
    3 Month gold membership card $12.99
    Gears of War 3 $29.99
    Dance Central 2 $24.99
    Kinect Season 2 $24.99
    Forza 4 $34.99
    Once Upon a Monster $29.99
    Sonic Generations $24.99
    Tritton AX 720 $89.99
    COD MW2 $19.99
    LA Noire $19.99

    Over 80 games priced under $20
    LA Noire for Xbox 360 and PS3 for only $19.99
    Buy 2 select Xbox 360 Kinect games and get 1 free
    Uncharted 2 only $14.99 at GameStop.com
    Save $80 on the Acer A100Ž Tablet, now only $249.99

    Toys R Us
    Free Game or accessory with purchase of Kinect/360 bundle
    FREE Super Hero Squad when you buy Xbox 360 uDraw Tablet
    50% off Wii Game when buy Skylander or Mario & Sonic London
    Buy 1 Get 1 FREE on a collection of Hot Video Games
    Buy 1 Get 1 60% off a Huge Selection of Video Games
    FREE Gift when you buy Skylanders Kit for Xbox 360 or PS3
    Save $35 on this Hot Wii Bundle
    Save 25% on Sonic Generations + Free Shipping
    Save 25% on EA 12 Sports Titles + Free Shipping
    50% off ANY Xbox 360 or PS3 Game with Qualifying Purchase