Sony’s UMD Passport solution gets your your games on Vita for a fee

When we heard that PlayStation Vita didn’t have a UMD drive, some people were a little worried. What the heck were they going to do with all those old UMD games for their PSP? Being apprehensive makes sense. Sony just announced their solution for Japanese consumers, UMD Passport.

The UMD Passport program allows you to download a free application, use that to register the UMD games you already own, and then you get…well, not your game again, for free. You get a discount on repurchasing whichever games you register.

At the moment, the repurchase price varies depending on the game, but it currently ranges from 500 to ¥2,400 ($6-31). Of course, economies are different, so if we get this program, the prices will likely look a bit different.

The program will eventually expand to around 200 games in Japan. Nowhere near the entire library, but it’s something.

PlayStation Vita goes on sale in Japan on December 17, and in the U.S. on February 22.


Yay, can't wait to buy my games again. Oh wait, I'll just keep my PSP so I won't have to do that.