The next ‘MotorStorm’ is radio-controlled

MotorStorm RC is the much-smaller edition of MotorStorm, coming to life on PlayStation Vita when it launches in just three months. See, Vita’s like a tiny PlayStation, and RC cars are just tiny cars, so…of course it makes sense.

The game features renditions of all four worlds in the series along with eight previously-featured vehicle classes.

What’s definitely awesome is that this game will be available as both a PSN download for PS3 and a Vita title — and the two will play nice together.

Game Director Paul Rustchynsky said on PlayStation.Blog that “[i]t’s the same experience on both PS3 and PS Vita, and picking up the game on PS3 will give you full access to the game on PS Vita (and vice versa) – so if you own both you can carry your progress between the two, and always pick up where you left off.”

Neat stuff! Is this something you’ll pick up at Vita’s launch? Take a look at the first-ever trailer for the game below: